Here is a poem for now:

A How To: Getting ready for a date

Soap my musky pits

wash my - almost mullet

Rinse my girl to woman breasts

scrub my asshole

that tight sphincter.

After all these years of fight

could be the strongest muscle I’ve got left

Though I've told myself i don't need that brawn anymore

I know Krav maga now

20 years too late.

Set a reminder to stay safe

No. there’s already an alarm, too many

Choose a shirt, feelin boyish, casual

Not too sexy. 

this should shade my femininity,

a boyish tee, a trustworthy look - to a boy.

Surely you'd respect one of your own. Fraternity style.

No need to worry,

I practiced while washing my - almost mullet and rinsing my

girl to woman breasts

I’ve envisioned how to wring your windpipe flat,

how to go on a date.


I pay my respects to the First Nation custodians of this land and to those who continue to act in a custodial way towards this land. My practice takes place on the grounds of Gadigal and Wangal Land of the Eora Nation.

  T H I S    A L W A Y S    W A S     A L W A Y S   W I L L   B E   A B O R I G I N A L   L A N D